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Dr. Susan Lipkins

OUR MISSION: To provide methods of prevention and intervention in hazing; to explain the psychology of hazing in high school, college, the military, and the workplace. Educational information is included for use in anti-hazing initiatives among fraternities, sororities, teams, and other groups.

What is hazing? Hazing is a process, based on a tradition that is used by groups for discipline and to maintain the hierarchy (i.e., a pecking order).

Where does hazing occur? Hazing occurs in middle and high schools, as well as in colleges, the military and on the job. It occurs all over the United States and throughout the world.

Who is involved in hazing? All kinds of people are hazed. Hazing is not a function of race. Hazing is not a function of socioeconomic class. Hazing occurs among people of all educational levels.

When does hazing happen? Hazing occurs throughout the year, though there is often an increase at the beginning of the semester and at the beginning of an athletic season.

Why do people haze? There are many complex psychological reasons. Check out "the blueprint of hazing" and "The Perfect Storm" to really understand why hazing has continued since ancient times.

How Has Hazing Changed? In the past ten years, hazing has become more violent, more humiliating, and more sexual. Hazardous hazing is a virus that has attacked our youth and is spreading quickly.

Dr. Lipkins, a psychologist for 25 years, has interviewed everyone involved in a hazing, including victims, bystanders and perpetrators. She has also studied the families, coaches and communities which have been affected by hazing. As an author and speaker, Lipkins illustrates why hazing survives, how it is transmitted, and what you can do to stop it.

Please contact her for interviews, speaking engagements, to share your story or to ask questions.

Dr. Susan Lipkins
14 Vanderventer Avenue, Suite 147
Port Washington, NY 11050

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