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High School Hazing

  1. 1.5 million high school students are hazed each year.1
  2. 91% of all H.S. students belong to at least one group, and half of them, 48% report being subjected to hazing activities.1
  3. 43% were subjected to humiliating activities and 30% performed potentially illegal acts as part of their initiation.1
  4. Both male and female students report high levels of hazing.1
  5. Every kind of high school group was involved in hazing including 24% of the students involved in church groups.1
  6. 10% of all college students admit to being hazed in high school.2
  7. 79% of the NCAA Athletes report being hazed initially in high school.1
  8. 25% were first hazed before the age of 13.1
  9. 92% of the high school students will not report a hazing, and of these respondents, 59% know of hazing activities and 21% admit to being involved in hazing.1
  10. 48% of the students acknowledge participating in activities which are defined as hazing, 29% did potentially illegal things to join a group, however only 14% admit to being hazed. This underscored the "disconnect" between how adults define hazing vs. how students define it.1


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