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College Hazing

  1. More than 250,000 students experienced some sort of hazing to join a college athletic team.1
  2. 5% of all college students admit to being hazed.2
  3. 40% admit to knowing about hazing activities.2
  4. 40% report that a coach or club advisor was aware of the hazing.2
  5. 22% report that the coach or advisor was involved in the hazing.2
  6. 50% of the female NCAA Division I athletes reported being hazed.3
  7. More than 20% of female NCAA athletes were subjected to alcohol-related hazing; however even a higher percentage admitted to "mental hazing" which ranged from singing to being kidnapped.3
  8. 10% of the female NCAA athletes were physically hazed including being branded, tattooed, beaten thrown in water of having their head forcibly shaved.3
  9. 6-9% of the female NCAA athletes were subjected to sexually related hazing including harassment, actual assault or being expected to simulate sex activities.3


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