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District Says Football Incident "Inappropriate"; Not Hazing
August 29, 2014
Staff Writer

After nearly two weeks of swirling rumors, Hollidaysburg Superintendent Robert Gildea released details into what some were calling hazing.

Gildea said it was determined that although inappropriate, the misconduct did not threaten or endanger any team member’s physical health or safety. 

A media release states the misconduct did not meet the definition of traditional hazing and involved members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

Gildea stated the allegation of inappropriate player conduct was reported to the head football coach last Wednesday evening by an adult not associated with the football program. 

The release went on to read the adult reported to the coach that he overheard discussion of misconduct in the locker room.  It states that the report was confirmed after the head coach questioned the players on Thursday. 

Gildea said the head coach contacted the administration Thursday evening and the principal, assistant principal and superintendent started to investigate.  Law enforcement was also contacted. 

Gildea said disciplinary action was taken against the students involved.

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